Sara Galan is the creative force behind Pompones, inspired by design, style and craft. Sara has always enjoyed putting her creativity and resourcefulness to good use, reusing existing materials and turning them into something beautiful and new. She started out by experimenting with ribbons, unloved hair bands and old yarn to make pompoms and other original hair accessories. Her designs are full of colour, contrasts, texture and originality, with a focus on minimising waste. Everything that Sara creates is handmade, testament to her craft and attention to detail. Her portfolio of designs includes hair accessories for girls and grown-ups as well as brooches, customised clothing and totes. Items from Sara's collection are available to buy, or why not commission your own bespoke design, made exclusively for you? Sara launched Pompones with the A/W collection in November 2018, and continues with the S/S 2019 range and bespoke custom orders.


Sara also provides parties and workshops for children, where guests are invited to explore their creativity and imagination by designing and making products such as headpieces, totes, masks and badges. Each workshop activity is bespoke and tailored to a theme of your choice. Children enjoy the creative process and feel very proud of themselves when they walk away at the end of the session with their very own creation. As well as providing them with a creative outlet, these activities encourage children to be well organised and resourceful while having fun at the same time.


Sara's background in marketing, branding & innovation, and market research helped her to get the Pompones venture underway. It is a project that comes straight from her heart, and she hopes that you enjoy her designs and activities. Explore Sara's portfolio and get in touch for further information. 


Originally from Valdepeñas in Spain, Sara lives in St Albans with her husband Pandelis and three children: Alexandra, Eduardo, and Mateo. Much of her inspiration comes from the experiences she shares with her family.