Bespoke Designs

Pompones Bespoke Designs 

Whatever the occasion, big or small, Sara can make your headpiece to match your outfit. You only have to contact us. In your request, you can send an image or colour pallet of the outfit you'd like to match the headpiece with. Prices start from£18 (excluding Postage) and allow a minimum of one week to dispatch your order. 


Pompones Customised items

Want to liven up a dull jumper, t-shirt or tote? At Pompones we can customise  items with seasonal touches, cool pompoms and other handmade embellishments. We can either customise something you already own, or you can buy items directly from us. Prices vary depending on the product and complexity of design. Simply e-mail your request and we'll come back to you with a quote. Watch this space!